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General Interviews

Lisa was featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Chrome magazine. Learn about her writing and her career with horses.

Read a great interview with Lisa about horses and writing

Listen to Lisa on Stable Scoop on the Horse Radio Network

Watch Lisa discuss barn fire safety


The Opium Equation by Lisa Wysocky

Watch the book trailer

Read a review from Shark Bytes and Tales (Joan of Shark)

Here's another review, this one from I'd Rather Be at the Beach

Listen to Lisa discuss The Opium Equation on Edin Road Radio


The Magnum Equation by Lisa Wysocky

Read an article in The Laker about Lisa and The Magnum Equation

Read a review of The Magnum Equation at Books Are Cool


My Horse, My Partner: Teamwork on the Ground by Lisa Wysocky

Watch the book trailer

Also available as a DVD


Horse Country by Lisa Wysocky

Read an article on The Boot about Lisa and the book

Listen to Lisa talk about Horse Country on Horses in the Morning


Horseback by Lisa Wysocky

Read Lisa's thoughts about Horseback


Hidden Girl (Shyima Hall / Lisa Wysocky)

Read a review from Publishers Weekly


Walking on Eggshells (Lyssa Chapman / Lisa Wysocky)

Watch the book trailer

Read an interview with Lyssa on FOX News


Two Foot Fred (Fred Gill / Lisa Wysocky)

Watch the book trailer (look for Lisa in the boardroom scene!)

Watch Fred on Don Imus on FOX

Read about Fred and the book, Two Foot Fred



Learn about Lisa's book with Brad Cohen,

Front of the Class, on the TV Show Inside Edition

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Success Within

Read the Nashville City Paper article about Lisa and Success Within

Read a review by Armchair Interviews